Half term on a budget: Making a tree for your kitchen

Leaves are beautiful – why not collect some to make a tree picture? Draw and have your child paint in a big brown tree trunk with a few branches then glue on the leaves you have collected. If you paint them in watered down PVA glue (which is great fun for the kids to do) they will last all Autumn. Beautiful.
As a family we do a HUGE picture for our kitchen each season, everyone does a bit even daddy. We are just waiting for Frankie to finsih his owl before this one goes up. Could you do a big leafy Autumn tree pic?

Leaves can also be painted and pressed onto paper to make all sorts of interesting patterns. It’s an all morning activity; hitting the park to collect them then making the fabulous print pictures. Perhaps you could make up a batch of inexpensive, unique birthday cards in the process!

his idea is an extract from my ebook . For 49 more Autumn ideas on a budget with your little one you can click thorugh to purchase. The ebook is just £1.50. happy half term!      



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