International day of people with disabilities (here are ways you can help)

put yourself in the picture

People with disabilities in developing countries are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. They are also often the most excluded and ignored, and they are often extremely poor,  Sightsavers’ Put Us #InThePicture campaign aims to change this by ensuring people with disabilities have the same access to healthcare, education and employment as everyone else. Basic equality.

3rd December is the International day of people with disabilities, and Sightsavers wants and show the world that we can’t ignore people with disabilities any longer and that we care.

I’d like to show you this video. Children with disabilities in developing countries have dreams and aspirations for the future just like our own kids..they just need a support from us to make them happen.


Isn’t that inspiring? Everyone deserves the chance to access services and have opportunities. These children need us on their side.

There are a few simple things that, if we all do, will add up and send a strong message to policy makers:

  • You can put yourself in the picture above (takes mere moments)
  • Join Sightsavers’ Thunderclap – sign up to send a tweet at the same time as hundreds of other people (this just takes moments too)
  • You could perhaps share this post or the video above on your social network?
  • Y0u could  lend @Sightsavers a tweet to end exclusion of people with disabilities in developing countries?


Many many thank you’s if you do anything at all to help. Just one of the above actions can help make a BIG difference.



  1. Actually Mummy...
    December 2, 2014 / 5:33 pm

    It really does go to show that everyone can achieve their potential if they are given the right support. What a fabulous campaign.
    Actually Mummy… recently posted..Type 1: What my girl would like to say…My Profile

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