Indoor toys for lockdown fun

Today – Indoor toys for lockdown fun

When it comes to little kids toys are not a problem are they there are just so many options to pick from.


Indoor toys for lockdown


Indoor toys for lockdown fun

For older kids, though it can really be tricky – most of the time you are in a battle with them to reduce screen time and unless you are playing an endless game of monopoly they seem to struggle to find ways to occupy themselves.

Over at Wickedmania though the mantra is this …

Instead of spending the whole time on screens… let’s throw, kick, launch, catch and skip through this lockdown period.



The UKick is tipped to be the biggest playground craze of the year ( if we EVER get kids back to school)

It fuses badminton and street football and the aim is to keep UKick off the ground for as long as you can. You are allowed to use se your hands or feet, play alone or with friends. It is so much fun, exhausting and I am rubbish at it but the kids are better.

It is guaranteed to keep kids busy for hours. You could even set up a timed family competition!



UKick costs £8 and is worth every penny  it is available here


Indoor Booma – great indoor toys for lockdown

Also available from Wicked is the world best indoor boomerang. We have had so many giggles with this and yes it does absolutely work ( and it’s light enough not to damage anything in your home!)

Not sure about doing it on the toilet though.



The Booma costs just £6 and is available here

I love these indoor toys for lockdown fun for older kids – do you have any ideas for older kids to share?


These indoor toys for lockdown fun were provided from Wickedmania for the purpose of review



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