Ideal Floors for Kids

Today – Ideal floors for Kids

Ideal floors for Kids


When it comes to kids your home can really take a hammering, especially your flooring area.


Babies and flooring

Babies manage to deposit sick and other bodily functions over the floor of every toom in your home. Calpol stains and Sudocrem also end up decorating your floors and neither are easy to remove. babies need to have floors they can craw on safely and learn to toddle on and we need them to have stain proof, waterproof, durable floors a that don’t require steam cleaning!  babies bring paraphernalia such as prams and buggies and walkers into your home and thee can also take their toll on hallway flooring which again needs to be able to withstand mud and scratches.


Young children and flooring

Young children are absolutely notorious for being messy. Not just with their eating, though that will inevitably get everywhere. and not just in the kitchen they will manage to trail popcorn, crisps, sticky sweets and squishy banana and apple cores across your home no matter how much you try and confide  it to the kitchen

Young kids often like to be creative and spend their time baking often ends up covering not only themselves but also your floor. My kids both loved crafting when they were young and upturned paint, spilt glue and glitter stars would be everywhere! Flooring that could handle this was essential




Older kids and flooring

Oh, and them when the sports teams start flooring gets a real bashing.  Dirty hockey sticks and muddy football boots make for mucky floors. Bike being heeled into the house and endless friends traipsing in and out and through without removing shoes take their toll.


Ideal floors for Kids

Carpets are for the fearless or maybe the foolish when you have kids. Mine certainly didn’t survive my growing kids..or my younger kids or my babies!

Real wood is gorgeous, too gorgeous but not waterproof and not easy to clean and an expensive mistake!

Porcelain tiles look so pretty as does stone or slate but these are not kind to tumbling toddlers or warm and smooth for crawling knees.

It is my opinion that spending money on luxury flooring can wait, cheap vinyl flooring creates ideal floors for kids. You don’t have to compromise on the look or style of your home as vinyl comes in a huge range of options and it’s practical qualities make it perfect for kids. Vinyl is waterproof, durable, easy to maintain, comfortable underfoot and easy to clean.

It fits the job for a family home and creates ideal floors for kids.



I hope you have found this post on ideal floors for kids to be useful. Do let me know what flooring you have in your home and why it works for you by dropping me a comment below

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