HP Playing With Colour Day

I love colour. I have red sofas and sunny yellow walls. I like colourful clothes, painting, fauvism and rainbows. I see childhood and colour as intrinsically linked.

  To celebrate the school holidays HP joined forces with the Museum of Childhood in East London to put on a day of activities to celebrate play and colour and educate us about printing. We were invited to join them . Each activity was designed to tell the story of HP printers to show how incredible the printing process is and how the hours of research and development undertaken by HP into their paper and inks pays off.  Basically we had tons of fun playing with colour and we learnt a fair bit too!

Shooting Gallery

Each ink takes between three to five years and more than 1,000 prototype formulations to perfect. With more than 100 new inks developed by HP’s engineers and scientists over the past 20 years, millions of dollars of investment ensure the very best technology is available to fit inside your printer.  During the printing process an Original HP ink cartridge ejects more than 36,000 drops of ink every second at speeds of up to 30mph.  Wow!!

The kids  gor to throw small coloured balls through increasingly difficult targets we wanted you to understand the accuracy that an ink cartridge must have when printing. If  is the same as dropping a grape from a 30 storey building onto a moving pavement. Now that would be fun too!


Cress Heads

HP’s Premium plus photo paper is designed with a porous coating technology. This means the ink is pulled into microscopic pores on the paper. This delivers instant dry photos but also water resistance to your prints. The children made some cress heads and don’t have to worry about spilling water when watering them as the paper faces are water resistant how cool!! We have lots of spills in our house.


Magic Moments

Printing is a bit magic so we a were treated to a magician who was FAB!  (Apparently each inkjet nozzle can deliver drops of ink so minute that 4 billion drops can fit into a single teaspoon!!!)

This is a pretty magic fact too….



Summer Holiday

Photos printed with Original HP inks on HP paper can last up to 4 generations. ! Here is Annalise posing for her summer holiday pic. My kids have been writing a summer holiday journal and I would love to think the photos we are adding at the end of each entry will last for four generations.


Well we had a fascinating day playing with colour, making hand prints and hats , playing with new friends and  looking at toys from generations past.  Printing is amazing, it is utterly awesome what is possible with a printer. Thank you HP for opening our eyes.



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