How to have a pony on a budget

How to have a pony on a budget

How to have a pony on a budget

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It always looks such an expensive hobby to have horses, doesn’t it? Yet my baby girl insists she wants a pony and budgeting mum that I am, I am on a mission!

I like to make my children’s dream come true so I have been thinking about how we could make this one happen.

First of all, I need to get hold of a pony? Hmmm. Now I know sometimes people lend out their ponies when they get too big for them. They don’t want to part with them because they love them so they loan them out to good homes so they get ridden. I could search for one of them.

We could get her pony great value  GFS rugs and herself some gorgeous bargain riding boots from Equestrian clearance  We could also source riding clothes from eBay.

We have a fairly long garden covered in fairly long grass and could that pass as a free field. We also have a shed, I could saw the door in half and voila a stable. (This is all getting a bit far-fetched now isn’t it?)

We could grow our own carrots, in fact, we already are doing. Insurance, a saddle, hay, straw, vets fees and a blacksmith are a different matter…I  have scratched my head and I have no answers.

Oh well..decision made.

I am off to Asda to buy her a little pony and I hope that will do.  She will get a pony but it may not quite be what she had in mind. This mummy is on a budget.

Now when I get my next book deal/win the lottery/find a gold bar…she will definitely get a real one.




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