How to start the day full of energy

Today – How to start the day full of energy

How to start the day full of energy

How to start the day full of energy

It’s not tricky and it doesn’t have to be elusive – if you follow these very simple tips you can feel a huge shift in your morning energy right form day 1.

Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling ready to take on anything? Do you hate feeling all sluggish and lazy and having to pull yourself out of the bed and drag along? Here’s some help your way. Read on to discover 7 super easy and actionable steps to take which can make your morning routine more energizing and help you learn how to start the day full of energy.

Sleep Early

There’s nothing as simple and straightforward as this little trick when it comes to waking up in the morning feeling energetic and full of life. A lot of us are sleep deprived, and we don’t even do anything about it. Make it a point to sleep early and ensure that your body gets atleast 8 hours of rest before you start the day. Getting into a great sleep routine is really helpful to gtting you to sleep early.

Try to go to bed at roughtly the same time each day, avoiding screens for at least an hour before hand. I find a relaxing bath, a warm drink and a good book the perfect antidote to a klong day and a great way to soothe away the worries of the day. I also believe room temperature has a great deal to do with how you sleep so do check this. And do, of course makes sure you have a great mattress and pillows.


How to start the day full of energy? Hydrate

This one’s probably the most underrated health tip there is, and oh my goodnss it really could NOT be easier. Drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning- even before you consume anything else. This is incredibly important and can really help you feel more fresh and active when you begin the day.  If  Sometimes the very simplest of things really can have a BIG impact. Try this for a week and alet me know how you get on this. This alone can really change your mornings.

Have a read of my post on uses for lemons for a hot water lemon juice tip


How to start the day full of energy

Get Some Fresh Air

Whether you’re having your breakfast or just getting to work, try to get some exposure to sunlight and breathe some fresh air. Implementing this little tip into your morning routine can help you feel more energized and positive in no time! I have gotten into the habit or doing a 2 mile walk as soon as I have dropped the kids off for school. I am still at my desk for 9 am each day and feel so much better for it. Walking can be amazing exercise as well as a brilliant way of clearing your mind and getting that helathy hit of fresha ir.  if you find wwalking a bit dull then do have a look at my post on how to make walking less boring for some inspiration


Fuel Right

Do you eat breakfast? Hmmm, I know many people who don’t and think it does them no harm.

I used to skip it regularly and wonder why I felt so yuck, I find eating a light nutritious breakfast has really changed and enhanced my morning energy levels.

Starting your day with the right breakfast can really make a difference, and if you don’t believe us, give it a try once and see for yourself! Look up some healthy breakfast recipe ideas and start your day right with the right breakfast to keep you energetic and active all day long. My favourite breakfast is a bowl of berry granola topped with almond milk and banana. Its a lovely array o both textures and taste and it sets my tastebuds a-tingling. What’s your most energising breakfast? Have a look at my slimming world breakfast tower for a lovely  veggie breakfast option


Choosing Your Thoughts Wisely is the key to how to start the day full of energy

Setting your mental tone in the morning can help you feel more ready to take on the day. Practise gratitude right from the time you wake up, and continue into it for as long as you can. Embrace the new day with positivity and joy and you’ll see how it affects you physically as well. I also find that planning in a few happy things to your day can make a huge difference, knowing you have some lovely things to look forward to will always life the spirits and making time for yourself and what brings you joy is really important. So get scheduling in your happy stuff!



Exercising first thing in the morning has many benefits, and that’s well known, but if you aren’t really fascinated by the idea, you can always take a brisk walk or stretch for a bit. The basic idea is to move around and give your body some motion- it can energize you as nothing else can.


How to start the day full of energy, morning walk

Lemon Water Power!

The combination of lemon and water have a magical energizing effect, and starting your day with a glass of it can really help take things up a notch. Apart from detoxifying your body naturally, this drink is also potent when it comes to increasing the metabolic rate of your body. Plus, the lemon, being a rich source of vitamin C, also helps strengthen immunity.


I hope you have found this post how to start the day full of energy really useful and that you are able to quickly and easily put these tips into action. Whether you are a parent, self employed, studying or working the 9-5 these tips should totally work for you.

Over to you – how do you start your day feeling wide awake?

How do you start your mornings – are you tired and sluggish or have you totally sussed out how to feel enthusiastic and fresh as a daisy in the mornings. I would, as always, love to hear your thoughts on this so do please leave me a comment or a tip below!

Have a great start to your day!



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how to start the day full of energy


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