5 terrific tips for Gatwick family flyers

Today – 5 terrific tips for Gatwick family flyers

Gatwick is a great springboard for family holidays to desirable family destinations like Majorca, Gran Canaria and Orlando.

But even if you’ve flown from Britain’s second busiest airport before, collective baby brain might mean you can’t recall the awesome amenities when you need them most — on your first family holiday.

So these five terrific tips for Gatwick family flyers will set you straight — fasten your seatbelt for fun!


Gatwick family flyers

5 terrific tips for Gatwick family flyers

  1. Parking

Packed public transport isn’t ideal for a toddler’s first trip to the airport. By the time you reach the terminal, temper tantrums will raise temperatures higher than a hot Tuesday in Tenerife.

Travelling in your own car is more comfy and convenient — just find Gatwick airport parking from a trusted provider like Looking4.com and store it securely for the duration.

And if you really want to relax pre-flight, a valet option is even less hassle than park and fly, so browse online for a bargain.

  1. Child zones

You might be able to entertain babies with knee bouncing and a tuneful nursery rhyme repertoire, but try these tactics with older kids at your peril.

Luckily, Gatwick has created two dedicated kids zones in the north and south terminals packed with enjoyable games and TV entertainment — so if your flight’s delayed, there’s plenty of distractions.

And both zones are completely free to use, so there’s no need to splash holiday cash before you reach your destination.

  1. Baby essentials

According to official guidance, you’re allowed to carry enough baby food and milk for your journey in hand luggage, but the rest should be placed in hold baggage and checked-in.

And if you’re well organised, you can order a maximum of two tubs of baby milk to collect from Boots stores once you clear security. They also carry must-have items like nappies and baby wipes, so you can stock up if needs be.

For more information on baby essentials, read this Gatwick family guide.

  1. Changing facilities

Once they’re fed and entertained, babies tend to relax and let loose in the bottom department. And carrying a screaming child on a flight with a dirty nappy isn’t fun for anyone.

But Gatwick is one step ahead here too, with brilliant baby changing facilities in almost every area and signposted by the babycare symbol.

And if you’re stuck, some male and female toilets also contain fold-down tables that facilitate a quick nappy change or feed.

  1. Food for bigger kids

Gatwick has ample culinary choices for kids who have grown out of formula food and a decent meal is one way to keep the peace in your party before you reach your destination.

Jamie Oliver knows a thing or two about healthy kids’ food and Gatwick’s blessed by one of the Italian outlets of his foodie empire. Scan the menu from Jamie’s Italian to see if it’s suitable and grab a table there when you reach Gatwick — there are plenty of pleasures for adult palates too!

That’s our list! Please add your own tips for Gatwick family flyers in the comments section — we’d love to hear what you think.


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