How to make a Simple Fan

How to make a simple fan

Making a fan
Keeping yourself cool is lovely when it’s hot but making fans is fun anytime. This is a very simple fan how to and needs only really simple and inexpensive materials in order to make it. Sucha simple craft even the youngest child can have fun making this.
You will need the following material to make a simple fan
  • A piece of paper about 1m by 20cm which you will need to fold concertina style
  • Felt tips
  • Two lolly sticks
  • Craft glue
  • Sellotape
How to make – directions to make your simple fan
  • Decorate your paper with the pens.‘
  • Pleat’ the paper into folds about  2cm wide.
  • Glue lolly sticks to each end onto each end of the paper they should stick out about 2cm below the paper
  • Sellotape the bottom of the fan together
  • Bring lolly sticks round and together
How to make a fan
how to make a simple fan
making a fan
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