Do you need Credit Made Clearer?

Last week I was invited to London by Capital One to discuss their innovative credit made clearer project, I have told you a bit about this before in previus posts and these have always had a great response. I think everyone longs to understand their finances and anything that takes away the scary jargon and endless small print so often assocaited with it  is really welcomed.

Capital One designed their Credit Made Clearer project to help people help themselves. Information is power and if we know all about the credit process we should then make smarter financial decisions right? It makes perfect sense to me and I am delighted they are rolling this out to schools and trying to eductate young people before they get in a pickle.

They have recently added some more videos to their collection incuding making your holiday money go further.

There are actually 17 entertaining, short , clear and informative videos in the whole collection now, including

  • How to book a worry free holiday
  • Making your holiday money go further
  • Using an overdraft wisely
  • How to shop safely online
  • How to make money with a credit card
  • The Bloopers

Old favourites

  • Credit – what is it?
  • Credit Card No-brainers
  • Paying it back
  • Staying safe
  • Payment trouble
  • Applying for a Credit Card
  • Using a Credit Card
  • Understanding Interest and APR
  • Introducing the Progress Card
  • Why applications get declined
  • How to get a better credit score

Good, free resources should be shared so do tell your friends about these. I highly recommend them.


This is sponsored post but my views are entirely my own.







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