How to Make a Long Distance Birthday Special

Have you ever wondered how to make a long distance birthday special?


How to Make a Long Distance Birthday Special


How to Make a Long Distance Birthday Special

Birthdays are a brilliant excuse to spoil someone you care about aren’t they and let them know how you feel about.

They are time to get put the champagne. present them with a cake and give them a gift they will never forget. Speeding lovely time together celebrating how special they are.

But what if you are far away?

It can be hard to make someone feel special when there is a distance between you but I think it is very important that when this is the case you double your efforts rather than just let it go.

I have friends all over the world and they are very dear to me and even though I am not around the corner I want them to know that they are close by in my heart. Here are my 5 tops tips for making a long distance birthday special.


  1. Planning
  2. The cake
  3. A card from the heart
  4. A telephone call
  5. A gift they will love



Planning is important when it comes to long distance birthdays , cards need to be sent well in advance, phone calls scheduled o in, or it could be the wrong time of day and you could have missed the post. Get planning or it could all go very wrong.



Cakes can still be sent you will just be depending on cake delivery rather than presenting a loving ly handmade creation. It matters not a jot though because some cake deliveries are just superb. Take a look at check out InstaCake’s range of cakes for something incredibly special to send. Aren’t they simply fabulous?


How to Make a Long Distance Birthday Special


Who would have thought you g#could get a gluten free and vegan cake like the one above delivered – wow!

How to Make a Long Distance Birthday Special



And how about this cool beer jug cake – isn’t it fun!


And juts to show you they have a cake for every age and stage how about this dino one. He is cute!

How to Make a Long Distance Birthday Special


A cake always goes down a treat.


A card from the heart

A hand made or well thought out card can mean the world. And there is something really lovely about t seeing the handwriting of a much-missed friend or family member


A telephone call /zoom call

The human touch is still the very best thing you can send on a birthday and if you cannot get to visit then a phone call or zoom call is just a delight. Work out your timings book it in with the recipient and sped a little connection time with them on their birthday. It will be much appreciated. And help you both feel a lot closer than in physical terms you actually are.


A gift they will love

Jewellery, a little paperback, writing sets these are all lightweight easy to send items but if you know what they love is perfume for example have it sent via Amazon or some other such store that can deliver it for you. It is a shame to skimp n a gift you know they would truly love because it is tricky to send.



Making a long distance birthday special is entirely possible if you get these 5 things in place and give a little thought care and attention to doing so. Always worth it for somebody you care so much about.


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