Is artificial grass child-friendly?

There are a variety of reasons why you would pick fake grass for your lawn. It stays green, there’s no way to tell it’s not natural, and it’s low-maintenance. It’s simple to care for and has a pleasing appearance. Artificial grass is also great for a playground. But, is it safe for children? The most common concern among homeowners and families with children considering artificial grass is safety issues. You can ensure maximum safety by including a shock pad (to lessen the chance of harm from falls) and choosing a non-toxic, high-quality lawn infill free of allergies, dust, and heavy metals. Once you get that all sorted out, children will definitely love artificial grass.


Is artificial grass child-friendly?

Children can play on astroturf all year.

Natural grass takes upkeep and your children will be barred from playing on your lawn for a few weeks each year. Astro Turf, on the other hand, does not necessitate such upkeep. After the installation is complete, your children will be able to play on it every day of the year.


Artificial grass does not leave stains on clothing.

With artificial grass, there is no danger of obtaining ugly, difficult-to-remove green stains on your clothes. Your children can run around, play football, and have a good time. Yes, they will probably slip and fall on the grass, but their clothes won’t be ruined!


A pool can be built on artificial grass.

Yes, you may build a pool on natural grass as well. However, when you remove the pool after a few weeks, your lawn will be noticeably and frequently permanently ruined. Artificial grass has the ability to heal after being submerged in a pool for an extended period of time. The strands will initially be flattened, but you may quickly brush them back into their natural state.


Artificial grass is smooth and feels great.

Artificial grass nowadays feels incredibly lovely and silky. Kids adore playing on it. Really, as your kid feels the softness, he’ll want to crawl right away 😉 It’s quite silky and pleasant to the touch. Especially during a dry spell when you can feel natural grass. Natural grass is often relatively hard in the summer, when children spend the majority of their time outside.




How to take care of artificial grass?

Proper maintenance of your fake grass couldn’t be simpler, and it takes far less time and energy than the weekly summer mowing required to keep a healthy lawn from looking overgrown. A weekly clean down with the garden hose throughout the spring and summer months is usually enough. When rainfall is scarce and there is more dust and pollen in the air, a weekly sprinkle will prevent dirt from building in the fibres and keep your artificial lawn looking wonderfully bright and green, just like a healthy grass should!

Sweep your artificial lawn with a firm bristle brush once a month, or after a period of high use, to restore the bounce to your fibre blades. You can accomplish this by brushing in the opposite direction of the pile and eliminating any tangled leaves, debris, and dirt. While a stiff bristle brush with fibre bristles is by far the most strongly recommended piece of equipment for cleaning your artificial turf, a soft-pronged rake can also be used, but any metal pronged or steel-bristled brush should be avoided as it can rip up and ruin your gorgeous artificial lawn.


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