How to make a DIY Hobby Horse (Homemade Christmas)

How to make a DIY Hobby Horse

Maggy at RED TED ART is one of the most crafty people I know and she keeps it so simple and do-able it becomes totally accessible. How about this little heirloom that you could knock together for Christmas for 50p?

Over to Maggy ….

I have been pondering on how to make an easy Stick Horse (or Hobby Horse in some parts of the world) for a while. Ever since, we had the Sock Bunny visit, I have been wanting to make a Sock Stick Horse, and here we have it! I have made it for Red Ted this Christmas, which is such a shame, as I cannot wait to give it to him. Mummy will have to be patient!

It really isn’t too hard to make and there are lots of shortcuts you can do, which I will highlight along the way!

Materials: A Sock for the head (a stripy one would be fabulous), scraps for ears (I used some old jeans), some ribbon/ string/ bias binding/ leather strips/ curtain cords for halter, Wool (for mane), buttons for eyes (though you could probably use felt), a sturdy stick the height of your child, (lots) bubble wrap or similar for stuffing, a saw (for taking twigs off stick), scissors, thread & needle.

Sounds like a lot of stuff! But the only “new” thing I used was the sock! I didn’t have a “nice” spare sock… but would have loved to have used an old one… then this would have been virtually free. What I do recommend, is that you think about the colours you are using – i.e. bring all your materials together and look what works well together. E.g. I originally was going to use some white wool for the mane, but found that the blue one was nicer. And I fib: I had a fab red and green sock, but didn’t have any ribbon to go with it as a halter – you catch my drift! Anyway, my “new” grey sock only cost 50p…

Are you intersted in having a go?   Head over here for a step by step photo guide to making your horse. Thanks,  Maggy xxxx

Do upload a photo of your DIY hobby horse if you have a go!


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