How to keep resolutions going

How to keep resolutions going

I wrote a little while ago about how making my home lovely was one of my New Year resolutions.

Decluttered and organised were my main aims for the house.

I think if my home is that way I will feel more serene.

The decluttering has been going well and our lounge makeover is complete with only half the stuff we took put actually going back in the room. It eases my mind because it looks calmer this way and I can find things much more easily.

There is little left to do to complete it but I think we definately need to replace the broken blind. It’s been broken for8 years . really – 8 years!  My husband snapped  a bit of wood off the day after they went up we put it to one side to glue back on and then we lost it. Story of our lives really. Disorganised chaos.

I think the way to stay on track with my resolutions is to keep talking about them. We all share our intentions on January 1st but soon stop. I think keeping mindful and focussed on what you want to achieve, making a list of tasks to do towards it and keeping it up as a topic of conversation really keeps your mind on your goal.

I know the best thing I can do for my home is to keep it in order and declutter. It is the most  budget friendly way to give it a really good makeover. One room down …six to go!




Good luck with your New Year’s resolutions – keep talking about them and making plans!




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