Microwaves: an asset to the kitchen

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I don’t know about you, but I find the humble microwave a huge asset to the kitchen. Not only does it speed up the entire meal process, it’s a great way to heat up a range of food types – whether for adults or infants.

I’ll often make a large batch of soup at the beginning of the week, pack it into different containers and then freeze each portion. When I fancy a nice bowl of warm soup, all I have to do is remove one of these containers from the freezer, microwave it on defrost and I have a ready-to-eat meal in a matter of minutes. This convenience is ideal for working mums – after all, who has the time to cook a new meal every single night of the week?

1950’s Microwave Photo Credit : SportSuburban

The microwave is also a useful tool when it comes to heating up the baby’s milk bottle. It’s instant, safe and efficient. Cheap microwaves are relatively easy to come by and a large number of online and high-street stores offer a wide range of designs. Many of these designs fit in with today’s contemporary kitchens. Others, however, will be created with a more traditional kitchen in mind.

A variety of the styles available today boast various hot hues, picking out a red, blue or even lime-green microwave is very much a possibility. Such an appliance can greatly add to the interior of your kitchen by jazzing it up a little!

As well as style and convenience, most microwaves are notably hygienic, as high temperatures kill a number of germs effectively. Supermarkets today stock a variety of healthy microwaveable meals, some of which include low calorie versions of tasty meals.

After a long day at the office, the last thing on my mind is a lengthy cooking session in the kitchen and with a number of taste-tantalising meals to choose from, slaving over the stove is no longer a necessity. I can simply stock up on healthy, low calorie microwave meals on the weekly shop and after a long day, they can be prepared in a matter of moments! I can even prepare an impressive meal for the entire family.

Most microwaves come with a variety of features and many of the combination styles are even able to cook a roast dinner. Gone are the days of using a system that simply heats and defrosts; contemporary appliances come with grills and convention cooking.

Have a look at the photo…that’s a 1959 version of a  microwave. Cooking action starts only after the hood fits securely into groove around the disk, stops when the hood rises. The hood automatically goes up when the timer on the surface unit rings, stopping cooking action.

We’ve come a long way!



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