How to Save for the home we need

How to Save for the home we need

I have started a home makeover which I am documenting over on my Family Budgeting blog and it has really made me think about the kind of home  I want and need.

In my mind’s eye I would love a glass walled house overlooking the beach, all of it white with my own office and huge comfy rugs over old wooden floors. I would like a winding staircase in the middle of the ground floor and lots of lots of light.

How to Save for the home we need

Photo credit: Jesse Wagstaff

I would like  corner sofas you can really stretch out on looking out of windows over the beach. I would like a big kitchen with an enormous kitchen table which we could have birthday parties round. Well that what I want.

Often as we all know what we want and what we need are two very different things, I am most unlikely to get my dream home anytime soon. I don’t even do the lottery  so only if the entire UK adult parenting population downloads my latest e-book might I get close to my dream.

What we do most definitely need in the next year or two is a house with room for us all to have the right sized beds

My daughter has the tiniest of bedrooms, her bed is just a teeny bit bigger than a cot bed really (it is an extender bed and we can’t make it any any bigger or it wouldn’t fit in the room. Unless the kids share (which so wouldn’t work!) we either need to move or have an extension and a load of work. I have absolutely not any clue considering present circumstances how we are to find enough extra money for an extension or a move.

I need a PLAN.

Last time I needed a money making plan I had a mentor and it really helped. At the moment funds aren’t available for  me to have a mentor Instead  I am mind mapping my ideas and talking my thoughts aloud and asking others for advice.  I need to think big and I need a timescale and a financial target.

Wish me luck and a good idea!

(oh and by the way if you know how to make about 100k legitimately within 6 months it would be fab to hear from you!)


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