How to find your nearest Lido

How to find your nearest Lido


Are you running out of summer holiday play ideas? here are a few to keep you going….

Make a Map

As you take a walk to the park or to your favourite place try and make a list of special things you pass along the way. When you come home you can make a map with your child using really simple images for the landmarks. You could draw a flower for a special garden you pass. Stick on a bus ticket for the bus stop. You could draw a duck and maybe stick on some silver foil to represent the river and maybe a couple of sticks crossed if you pass a church.


Next time you go on this journey unroll your map and see how well you have done marking landmarks along the way.


making a map, How to find your nearest Lido



Lidos are essentially open air swimming and paddling pools that the public can access they are a lovely way to have fun as a family. This A-Z list of UK lidos is not complete but it is a very good start Kids love to splash about in the sunshine and it can feel like being abroad!.

A top tip if you are going somewhere for a day out or a visit is to call tourist information and ask what they have locally that’s great for kids…This can save you hours when you get there and you can always ask whether they have a lido too. You never know it may be a lovely sunny day.

Have a look at my post how to entertain kids in the car for more summer fun inspiration

Don’t forget your towel!





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