How to entertain kids in the car

How to entertain kids in the car

A little while ago ones of my sons friend (from quite a wealthy family) commented on how small my car was telling me his mummy’s car had seven seats. My daughter who is 4 spoke up loyally a

and said ‘yes it its but we have got the best small car  in the world.’ She also tells me I’m pretty when I’m sleep deprived, wild haired and make up free (bless her!)

We do like to have fun in the car though and I asked my children today what they thought were the most entertaining things we played in the car.



Here is a mix of their answers and mine.


My daughter who is 4 loves audio cd’s and will listen to Cat in a Hat on a loop if I will let her. My no.1 choice if the children are bickering or overtired and complaining is to pop on an audio CD and let them relax and escape into the story.


This I use to match their moods or to change their moods. Children’s songs cd’s tend to gee us up and have us all join in lively and excited and often right tforthe strt and end of a long journey. When I want the children to calm down I put on classical, instrumental music . Often this will induce a doze.


I make sure our car journeys always carry a few books or kids magazines, heading to the library a few days before a big trip is a good idea.


Some snacks, a water bottle and a teddy. Basics and essentials!


My children do a lot of activities after school, have friends to play, visit grandparents etc. and I find pinning them down to tell me about their day is not always that easy. Getting stuck with them in a car for a longish period may be a pain for them but is a delight for me. They have to tell me stuff and I get a chance to let them know whats going on for me. I love this time.


Good old fashioned games are great to play in the car.Our favourites are..

  • I-spy
  • Top trumps
  • I went to market and I bought …(each person remembers the items said before and adds one..until someone forgets
  • Treasure hunt..for this i prepare a list before hand of things the children may see and if they do they then cross it off their list (encourages reading/observation!) The list might include: a man with a hat, dog on a lead, lady carrying a newspaper. 3 red cars, a church etc.
  • Who am I ….One person says I’m thinking of an animal who amI? Everyone gets to ask questions of the player who is IT and he can only answer yes or no. First one to get it right has the next go.


Do you have any tips for fun and entertainment whilst out in the car?


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