How to enhance the entrance to your home

How to enhance the entrance to your home

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How to enhance the entrance to your home – simple tips

Are you wondering  how to enhance the entrance to your home?

First impressions have always and will always count. This is why we make an effort to look good and impress people when we go for a job interview or out on a first date. We know people weigh us up in that first glance and make some decisions about us straight away.

We may not mean to but we do, it is human nature and it is purely instinctive to take in information on that first glance.

You have just a few seconds to make a good first impression and it can be hard to shift that first impression. I remember going to see a house we were interested in buying and the front looked overgrown and neglected and the door was dirty.  The inside was totally different but you know what? I had already made up my mind this was not the house for me

Front doors and entranceways, just like your outfit make an initial impact and either draw people in, make them indifferent or put them off.

Like it or not first impressions matter.

A stylish home entrance – why it matters

Okay lets first consider what we don’t want  the entrance to a home to look like

  • Overgrown weeds
  • Shabby and neglected hanging baskets
  • Loose  tiles on a doorstep
  • A peeling front door
  • No knocker/doorbell or way to get the attention of the person inside
  • Dirty windows or doors
  • Old fashioned curtains or blinds
  • Window sills that need repainting

All of these would totally put me off a house wouldn’t they you? A stylish home entrance would be so much more inviting and reflective of an owner who was on top of things, cared about things, was modern, and who had a good sense of design.

According to psychology it takes only three seconds for someone to make an impression about another person, and possibly it’s not actually that much longer when it comes to a house. Obviously,, a potential house buyer should have a long look round and really explore before they make up their mind but first impressions are powerful. You need to impress from the outset.


How to make your home entrance really impressive

Lets start with your garden gate and fencing, are they in good repair, do they work effectively and are they attractive and in keeping with your  house?

My grandfather had a gleaming black wrought iron swing gate that let beautifully up the path up to his Victorian house. I absolutely loved that gate it was intricate and stylish and just a delight to swing open. It was attached to a red brick wall that always looked very clean and the whole effect was really smart. It stands out vividly in my mind. He was a proud man and it was reflected int he entrance to his home.

A friend of mine had a path of stepping stones up to her front door with teeny tiny wildflowers all al round them and then as you reached the door pots and baskets of violas and lobelia. The door knocker was brass and shiny and the door was a bright pillar box read. I always felt very happy coming up the path to her home it just shouted out ‘welcome.’

There are many ways to make a home entrance really impressive. It could be through colour of paintwork or the vibrancy of flowers. It could be through stylish accessories such as a house sign or a mailbox. It could be through a path that picks up and enhances the style of a home. Ot it could be that you have a really rather fabulous front door.


A fabulous front door

I do think that a fabulous front door can make the biggest and best first impression on a home. We stand at it for a momet don’t we before knocking and just stare at it. If we own the house we stand before it several times a day and it speaks to us of what’s inside. It is such a powerful reflection of the house inside – or at least it should be.

Pirnar make the most absolutely stunning handmade luxury front doors. These doors simply exude style and modernity and are such a classy way to welcome people to your home. Not only are these doors high tech and high quality they also look absolutely breathtaking and have that WOW! factor that you want at the entrance to your home.



These doors  come with ‘ elegantly hidden handles, hidden fingerprint reader, magic night illumination and beautiful handmade smooth surfaces, each door is a masterpiece for itself.



This year Pirnar are introducing doors that open simply by face recognition. Now that is super cool!  These doors simply slide into the walls and are so sleek and good looking you will want to play Open Sesame with them all day! Theatrica is the first contactless and fully automatic entrance wall in the world. You would want to invite absolutely everyone you know round to see it!

Let’s make an entrance

In conclusion I think we can all agree that first impressions count. And whether or not you are wanting to sell your home we do all care that our home gives a great first impression to visitors. Getting the entrance right goes a very long way to making our home a place we are truly proud of.


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