How to Design a Shared Kid’s Playroom and Family Room

How to Design a Shared Kid’s Playroom and Family Room

During summer, families prefer to spend most of their time outdoors, paying in the backyard and walking to the park. However, when it’s fall, and winter lies around the corner, families have to spend more time indoors. In such cases, the family also serves as a kid’s playroom.

The wisest thing to do is design the family room to also serve as a kid’s playroom as well. That way your kids can play you can even read a book or check out the car accident personal injury lawyer in peace. Here are some of the tips to help you create a shared playroom and family room:

  1. Divide the Room into Zones if Space Allows

Family rooms come in all sizes and shapes, however, if space allows, divide it into zones to create a shared family room and playroom. If the room is large, you can use furniture to divide the room. If it’s a small room, you can just create a space for the kids by having a particular corner where they can play. You can use double furniture duty where you can keep their playing toys.

You can also use a couch to delineate a portion of the family room is large enough. The sofa can be for conversations, TV watching, and reading. While you can create a space for your kids to play on the couch. However, you need to make sure the playing area for the kids is large enough for them.

Shared Kid’s Playroom and Family Room

  1. Opt for Adult Styles and Choose Double-Duty Furniture

Whether your space is large or not, if you want to keep the sanity in your shared playroom and family you need to use double duty furniture. You can never have enough seating and storage in the family room. So you need to consider having storage ottomans as a must-have furniture.

Use one large Ottoman in front of the couch or three small ones tucked against the wall to store extra toys. The good thing is you can occasionally pull them out for seating or put your feet on them. You can choose a few lightweight sally stools to place your remote and sit drinks on them. With shared family rooms and playrooms, you’d instead go for more adult’s furniture because the kids will eventually grow.

  1. Opt For Soft Surfaces

You’re primarily concerned with the shared room should be your kid’s comfort and safety, so you need to choose flooring and furniture carefully. Opt for carpets that acts as a filter that way they can trap allergens until they get vacuumed to reduce the particles in the air. However, you need to make sure that you clean and regularly vacuum the carpets. You should also avoid wearing shoes in the shared family room and playroom so that you bring few allergens into space.

  1. Coordinate Colors

The reality of playrooms is the fact that they end up filled with plastic and wood toys in all sorts of rainbow colours. You can use bins and baskets, hide the toys behind closed doors to control primarily colored toys overload.

However, the best solution is to opt for a colour palette for the room and tie it through both the kids and adults space for a cohesive look, also let other colours to become accents.


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