How To Create a Reading Corner for your Kid

Do you want to create a reading corner for your kid to give them a space of their own to snuggle down and read to their heart’s content?

You’ve probably heard this enough times already- developing the love for reading in your little one from an early age is one of the best ways to spark their creativity, boost cognitive development and so much more.

And what’s a great way to do that? That’s right. Making it a special activity. And here’s to helping you do just that.

Read on to discover how and why you can create a reading corner for your kid!


create a reading corner

Why create a reading corner for your kid

You already know how reading can literally change and shape your child’s developing mind for the better. In fact, experts believe that you’re literally setting your child up for success when you’re doing that. From improving your child’s concentration levels to sharpening his language skills and also helping him develop a thirst for knowledge, there’s a number of ways how reading can influence him.

But let’s face it- coaxing your little one to sit down with the book isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you need an extra nudge or push in that direction to help make it happen, and setting up a reading nook in your home can do just that.

Having a separate space, decorated right, with a bunch of books (preferably your little one’s favourites) can turn out to be inviting and can encourage him to spend some quality time reading, even without you having to put in any major effort.

Sounds interesting right?


create a reading corner



How to create a reading corner for your kid

Ready to get started? You’d be amazed at how easy it is to create a reading corner

  • Start by selecting a particular corner in your home. It can be practically any space- an area in your living room or even your kid’s room.
  • Make sure the corner is on the opposite side of a window or another natural or artificial light source.
  • Start by cleaning and emptying the area completely.
  • Consider the seating. If you have a small mattress, you’re pretty much set. Lay it out there, cover it with a fun bedspread and throw in a bunch of colourful cushions.
  • Pick up a brightly coloured sheet and set it up such that it creates a little tent for your child. If you have one of those teepees, even better!
  • Set up a small pile of interesting and informative books in the corner. If the setup is against a wall which already has a shelf, even better- just clear it out and set it up with some good picks.
  • Take a little effort to make it a special space for your kid. You could make it beautiful with some fairy lights to decorate it or place his favourite stuffed animal in there- you get the drill.
  • You could even set up a little music nearby so they could listen to some lovely relaxing background music whilst reading


How to encourage your child to read

Check out my list of books for reluctant readers if your child needs extra persuasion to read. You can find additional reading tips here

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They are going to absolutely love their reading corner!


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