How to buy good food on a tight budget

 Today – how to buy good food on a tight budget


Thrifty Food - How to do your food shopping on a budget, How to buy good food on a tight budget, how to buy good food on a budget

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How to buy good food on a tight budget

How to buy good food on a tight budget is a great guest post from Kelly from Reduced Grub

My children are both at cheeky age, where it is deemed normal behaviour to video me on Snap chat without me knowing, think they know more than me and they really think my music is uncool !!! They do my nut in on a regular basis and I have advertised them on Gumtree…

“Good home wanted for 2 stroppy teens, they are fab when they are asleep, but when they wake up ( usually around midday) they generally have an answer for everything, love swimming in dirty clothes and mouldy cups in their bedroom and still think money grows on trees”

Can you believe that nobody answered, I can’t think why not!

Anyway, you’re probably still in the Control stage of your lovely babies and couldn’t possibly think the bigger the child the bigger the problem !( Just you wait !!!) and one thing that you are in control of is what goes inside their bellies!


Does it need to be organic?

Many parents unfortunately fall into the costly trap of paying shit loads for organic baby jar food or Waitrose stupid price veg, when in fact, you could save yourself an absolute fortune and give your children the best nutritional start possible by being savvy, making some time and generally look at what you are feeding your children.

I am all about my family eating well and I point blank refuse to pay a stupid amount in doing so, I do not have a limitless budget but I will not feed them crap, and how I do this is by going to the high-end Supermarkets and buying reduced food!

Please don’t curl up in horror or think I couldn’t possibly do that to my child, Do you know what sell by date food means?

It means NOTHING! !!!!!!!!!

Supermarkets use these markers to replenish their shelves, restock and get an idea what is and what isn’t selling!

What you have to look out for is the USE BY DATE!


good food on a budget, How to buy good food on a tight budget


This allows me to demonstrate how to buy good food on a budget. I feed my family a vast array of fab meals from Tuna steaks, to Duck, to Yellow carrots from Waitrose.


More tips on How to buy good food on a budget

I often cook from scratch, which again is great as I actually know what is going into my foods ( check out the back of any convenience food and try and pronounce the ingredients !), I can add healthy additions such as lentils which is a fab source of Iron, Spinach or even wholemeal breadcrumbs or flax seed. You can bulk out food, batch cook or even do a weeks worth of decent meals in an afternoon, that would not only save you time in the week but would save you a whole lot of wonga!

Baby food is so easy to prepare yourself, and there are soooooo many things both sweet and savoury that you could try.

The blender, an ice cube tray and freezer are your best friends on this journey and you can often cook a batch for both your baby and yourself while doing this. Take an aubergine, tomatoes, courgette, garlic and onion for example, you could roast these in the oven, and when cooked, pop this into the blender and purée it, take a portion or two out for the baby and the rest could be seasoned and added to chicken or meat to make a fab grown-up sauce. Fresh herbs such as coriander, basil and dill are often wearing a reduced sticker and these are great additions to baby food, as they will not only naturally flavour foods, but also provide extra nutrition!.


Mango pips!

The best discovery we ever had with our children was that of a Mango pip! They are too big to swallow, they are full of flavour and these will keep the baby entertained for a while if they are teething, pop it in the freezer for half an hour beforehand and this will be soothing and delicious for them!

Cous cous is also a great meal for babies, it is easy to prepare, it is fab mixed with fish and herbs and it can be eaten both hot or cold!

The possibilities for food shopping on a budget are endless and I challenge anybody to say they don’t have time, or they don’t know what to give them.

You have a fantastic window, where babies are happy to try anything, so be adventurous have a look on the reduced shelf and put a sparkle on both your babies face and your pocket!


Find out more smart thrifty food choices

You can find Kelly on social media at:

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Thank you Kelly!


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I hope you enjoyed our guide to how to buy good food on a  budget and it’s helped you with how to do your food shopping on a budget and still have great meals. Don’t forget to check out our other Money Saving posts.


Thrifty Food - How to do your food shopping on a budget, How to buy good food on a tight budget #frugalfood #budgetfood, thriftyfood


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