How to save money on your energy and support the NSPCC at the same time

How to save money on your energy

Energy is rarely out of the news and we’re often told to switch suppliers to save money. That

is very sage advice given that new data reveals that 60% of all households in the UK are on

what’s known as the ‘Standard Variable Tariff’ and paying several hundred pounds a year

more than necessary.


If your energy supplier is one of the ‘Big Six’ of nPower, British Gas, EDF, EON, SSE or

Scottish Power then you’re quite likely to be one of these customers overpaying.

Switching is quick and easy and there are a number of challenger suppliers to choose from,

offering better service, cheaper deals and different offers. The largest of these is First Utility,

serving nearly 1 million homes.


And First Utility has teamed up with the NSPCC so that anyone switching to them via the

NSPCC website will not only save a decent chunk on their bills, but will also have a £48

donation to the NSPCC made on their behalf.

How to save money on your energy

According to the NSPCC that could pay for trained counsellors to respond to 12 children who

contact Childline for help and support. The partnership has already raised more than

£100,000 with NSPCC and First Utility setting a target to raise £250,000



Claire Hoyle, Head of Partnerships at NSPCC tells us: “We’re delighted to be working with

First Utility on this one-of-a-kind initiative, giving people a way to support our work by simply

switching energy provider. Almost 3,000 households have made the switch and in doing so

raised an amazing £138,000 for the NSPCC. But 2,000 more are needed to follow suit if the

partnerships is to reach its target of £250,000 by December 2017. All the money that is

raised will help us as we work towards our goal of making 5 million children safer by 2021.”

If you’ve not switched before, here are a few things to know about the process which should

set your mind at ease:


  1. Your new supplier will handle everything for you and notify your existing provider of

your decision to switch

  1. The switch itself will take 21 days with a 14 day cooling off period allowing you to

change your mind

  1. No one needs to come to your home – the meter and all the wires and pipes will

remain the same.

  1. You electricity and gas supply will remain on the whole time, there is no risk of being

cut off

  1. You will probably save a few hundred pounds a year!

Find out more at the NSPCC website here .




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