Household products that will save you money from Beldray


Let’s take a look at household products that will save you money from Beldray

I am a great believer in not spending money where you can . I am also a great believer in investing money if it will save you  more in the long run.

The products I have been reviewing form Beldray are the kind of products every home should have. They will all help you budget in the longer terms and are well worth the initial outlay as they are quality, practical products.


Household products that will save you money from Beldray

The Beldray cordless vac is fabulous. My daughter cleaned my car with it yesterday and it did a great job. I have been known to pay for a valet but with this little vac I can save my money, I love that it is rechargeable as that also means money on batteries is saved too. It comes with a wall mountable charging bases which is also brilliant for storage, It has some other really nifty features including the fact it can be both wet and dry spills – a squeegee nozzle is included for easily cleaning up liquids.There is also an additional tool to help you reach those hard to reach places like down the sofa.

I just love the fact it is cordless it makes it so simple and speedy to use and it can easily reach my car! At under £40 this is a great buy that should put an end to my car needing valeting.




One area where I definitely need to be more frugal is in regard to my laundry. I am a one for hammering the dryer as the time consuming faff of pegging clothes out for it then to rain drives me to distraction. This rather fabulous airer from Beldray is a really great alternative. Clothes can be hung easily and there are even slots for hangers which is a great idea. It can be simply lifeted in or out as the weather changes and holds so mucgh! great value at £19.99 and I can see this saving me a lot of money in the long term.

What a great piece of kit, it fold easily and is really sturdy too and it holds SO much.





Last but not least I reviewed this handy Beldray step ladder perfect for grabbing the apples off the tree for baking and for those DIY jobs that are just that bit too out of reach. Safe, handy and money saving too! At 19.99 I love the robustness and easy to fold aspects to htis great little stepladder and it is so handy!


So yes sometimes it really is worth investing in order to save and I’m not talking stocks and shares I am talking useful household products!

What wouldn’t you be without?





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