Get Organised! 5 top tips for busy parents

Do you long to get organised? Big thank you to Samantha Geddes from Orgainsed Lttle Things for this great guest conrtaining 5 top tips for busy parents.

Many hands make light work and you need a lot of hands when you’re a parent!

So where do I start?! I hear you ask.

  1. Firstly THINK….What are the things that take time, you always do or would be great to do together
  2. Create a board…on card or a white/black board or have a look at ‘Organised Mum’ website. Put it in a prime position in the house.

Days of the week along the top, Names down the left hand side (we have the weekly menu running along the bottom too). Aim for two to three jobs for the children.

  1. Talk with your family…Head of the table, round robin whatever you want to call it. Talking is an invaluable part of family life and organising! Discuss the day on a regular basis. It’s important that the board is discussed and chores too, to get full buy in ask the kids what they would like to try first. We all select a meal for the menu as well.
  2. Action…Name a start date and make sure everyone is happy, it’s best to buddy up at first if possible to make sure everyone knows what they are doing and doing it safely!
  3. Review…as part of this it would be great to have a family meeting once a month (make sure it goes on the board) when everyone sits down together at tea if easier and discusses family life and positive ways forward. Ask how things are going, what everyone likes, dislikes and why and what can WE do to make things better. You’re a TEAM!

Things to Consider:

Who’s doing it? What needs doing? Why it has to be done? When does it have to be done? How can it be done?

When I first initiated chores in our house I split the everyday jobs up per person based on level/age skill/ability, it gave a basis for the daily routine and meant pretty much all the jobs were covered by someone.

All the chores/jobs are done equally across the week so I’ll consider after school clubs and then washing up will go in everyone’s box on a different day of the week and so on.

I rave quite a lot to people about our family, all the children have chores they hate and some they want to do all the time, most of the time we’ve sat down for the evening by 8pm and can relax knowing tomorrow it’s all hands on deck and everybody is organised.

I have passed it on to some of my clients too.

Just remember keep it simple and some of the best ideas, well, they come from the children!

If you need help or advice on getting your family organised Samantha has a website and you can contact her she also is a dab hand at getting children in order! (and adults!)

Get organised

Samantha is an Organised Lifestyle Consultant and endeavours to tick off your to do list and organise Home, Family, Socialising, Office and Celebrations.

For whatever you need organising in your life there’s… Organised Little Thing

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  1. Naomi
    January 28, 2011 / 7:34 am

    What a great service to offer. I am sooooo organised its scary. I do know friends that arern’t and joke for me to help them. I think delegation is the way to go especially for children to gain responsibility. Once they are able to hlep they should be given the chance. They like it too.

  2. March 20, 2016 / 6:02 am

    Yes, Some mother and father may think that this is all simpler said than done because they think that it’s not easy to get a person’s eye of their kids such work. However, it is really not difficult if you take into careful considerations the characters of each individual kid.

  3. April 2, 2016 / 10:14 am

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