A busy mum’s Halogen Oven review

My  halogen oven review

Clifford James sent me a Halogen oven to trial. I wasn’t overly excited about this item I just thought it would be like a mini oven and frankly why would I need two? However I was wrong..I  have quite simply fallen in LOVE with my new halogen oven. It rocks.  

Honestly this oven defrosts, bakes, roasts, steams and even does the washing up. It keeps your food warm without drying it, grills the underside at the same time as the top so there is no turning over and it is faster and mosre economical then a standard oven. Brilliant! Also unlike a microwave it browns and crisps food  and cooks them perfectly all the way through. I did some pies in mine last night and they were really firm and brown and just perefct really.

Halogen oven review

Clifford James describe it this way  

‘A revolution in cooking, this oven uses halogen technology to perfectly cook almost any meal, much faster than conventional methods. The infra red halogen element of the oven heats up almost instantly, reducing pre-heating times and the fan-assist function circulates the air so food cooks evenly’

Fats just drain off and you just add water to self clean. Its really good. I hugely recommend this. Mu oven came with  tongs and two racks. Also available is a handy lid stand, a Lid Extender, plus steaming and frying trays that allow you to create even more tasty meals using your Halogen Oven.

I think it is exceptionally good value at £39.99. For a busy mum not having to check when to turn food over and to have fats drain a way and equipment self clean is all good news.



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