The Ultimate Formal Event Checklist


Today – The Ultimate Formal Event Checklist

We bet you’re super-excited for prom, right? But, in all honesty, there’s a lot of preparation to be done. So, here is a checklist to help you prepare for your very special formal event.


The Ultimate Formal Event Checklist


The Ultimate Formal Event Checklist

Here we go …

Six Months to Go…

  • Start getting into shape if you want to – now’s the time to eat healthy and workout.


Three Months to Go…

  • Set a budget for how much you and your parents are willing to spend on everything from the dress to your hair and makeup, meals, and transport. Don’t forget to include accessories like shoes and bag, and even your nails. You may also need to visit a reliable dress retailer like Prom Dress Shop to get an idea of the prices.


10 Weeks to Go…

  • Start shopping for accessories like your bag, shoes, and jewellery
  • Start increasing your beauty regime. If you’re growing out your hair, get it extra-healthy with the right hair supplements and improve nail growth too. Try to trim your hair every 4 weeks to keep it in top shape.
  • Exfoliate your skin twice a week
  • Start a good facial regimen with masks at least every one or two weeks


8 Weeks to Go…

  • Get your tickets for you and your friends or date
  • Start considering hair and makeup looks and how fashion trends have changed through the years to pick something you will feel confident with and that will compliment your outfit.
  • Make hair and makeup appointments if you’re not taking care of things yourself. Aim to have your nails done a day before the prom.
  • Make plans with the prom group for before and after parties. Don’t forget to make dinner plans.
  • Book your transportation
  • Consider a photographer or someone to take photos before prom and whether or not you want to go somewhere else for photos


4 Weeks to Go…

  • Make any changes to your prom dress
  • Begin teeth whitening if you want to
  • Break in your shoes so you will be comfortable on the night
  • Order a boutonniere if it’s your task to do so
  • Help you date to choose his tuxedo
  • If you’re doing hair and makeup yourself, keep practicing
  • Start tanning or building up a spray or rub on tan
  • Avoid salty foods that cause bloating


2 Weeks to Go…

  • Verify and finalise all reservations and appointments
  • If your parents haven’t met your date, it’s time to introduce them
  • Finalize all your group plans
  • Put together a list of stuff you want to take to prom, like lip gloss, cameras, phone, flossers, gum, tickets, cash, compact mirror


1 Week to Go…

  • Get your girlfriends together and book a destressing beauty day. You could put some snacks together, put on a movie, and do facials.


The Day Before…

  • Get your nails done and relax!


The Night Before…

  • Shave your legs
  • Have a long bath
  • Relax and get plenty of sleep


On the Day of Prom…

  • Have a refreshing shower
  • Head to all your appointments
  • Pick up the boutonniere
  • Have a light lunch that won’t cause bloat
  • Keep relaxing!
  • Meet your date and friends for pictures before the prom
  • Head off and have tons of fun!

I do hope this formal events checklist has you absolutely ready!


Use this comprehensive formal events checklist to ensure you have the best formal event ever!









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