Five Best Unique Interior Design Elements for Kids Bedroom

Best Unique Interior Design Elements for Kids Bedroom


There’s a lot of opportunities for fun and whimsy when designing a kid’s bedroom. The best part is that many of the best design elements are functional as well as beautiful. By adding these elements to a child’s room, you’re creating a safe space for them to relax and recharge.

Can’t decide what features to add? Here are five of the best unique interior design elements for your child’s room.


Custom Artwork

Change your photos to custom artwork for a unique design element that captures the style of the room while celebrating the people and places you love. Make it nostalgic and sentimental with an oil painting of your childhood home with Instapainting. Make it fun and magical by having your child painted as royalty in regal garb.

Another way to display custom artwork is to put some of your child’s work in elegant frames that fit your overall decor scheme. This personal art gallery will make your child feel special and still fit with your interior design preferences.


Reading Nook

Create a cozy reading nook that encourages your child to develop their literacy by curling up with a book. Don’t hesitate to incorporate this design element into the room well before they can read. This space can be used for them to peruse through picture books or for you to read their bedtime stories.

The reading nook can be set up to fit your overall decor scheme. For a luxurious look, place a faux fur rug with pillows under paper lanterns in the corner of the room. For a woodland theme, add a small tent and stuffed foxes, bears, and raccoons.


Black, White, and Geometric

A child’s room doesn’t have to be filled with primary colors to fit the age group. In fact, it’s been proven that the contrast of black and white in combination with geometric shapes can help with the development of an infant’s eyesight. Putting together a high contrast room can help your child’s brain and look chic and stylish.

Consider white walls with a black accent wall. For smaller design elements, choose curtains with black and white stripes and blankets featuring contrasting polka dots. Gold geometric shapes on the walls have a beautiful softening impact in the room.


Living Greens

Nothing brings a room to life like living plants. Adding plants to your child’s room evokes the vibrancy and vitality that children bring into your life. Additionally, choosing the right plants can help purify the air where your precious child spends a large portion of their time.

Be cautious when incorporating living plants into the room. Choose plants that are not toxic when ingested and consider placing them out of reach, taking them down only to teach your child how to tend to them. Piggyback on the resurgence of the macrame trend and install some hanging planters to add dimension to the decor.


Multipurpose Rug

For bedrooms that have uncarpeted floors, consider softening the look with some multipurpose throw rugs. Incorporate different colors and textures to capture the eclectic personalities of children. Rugs not only soften the room but also quiet your footsteps as you check on them at night.

Look for rugs that serve a further purpose, such as the classic roadway rug for toy cars. You can also get elegantly designed rugs outlining the letters of the alphabet or different animals to promote learning, as well as rugs that feature classic boardgames.

When designing your child’s room, keep an open mind, and find a balance between design elements that look great and benefit your child. Put safety at the top of your priority list, and the rest will fall into place.


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