Even Santa Needs A Little Extra Storage

It’s that time of year again, parents across the world are trying to figure out where to keep the mountains of Christmas presents they’ve bought, somewhere out of the way and from tiny prying eyes.

No matter how many gifts you’ve bought and wrapped this year, there’s no denying that they tend to take up a fair bit of space in our homes. So how do you think Santa feels around this time of year? Not only does he have to keep his shop floor clear of clutter, but he also needs room to sit back and relax from the stress of pre-Christmas Eve.

The guys over at Storebox self-storage wanted to see what they could do to give Santa a hand this Christmas. That’s why, they have kindly worked out just how many storage units Santa will need to rent out, in order to keep millions of toys from cluttering up the North Pole.

Storebox have done all the confusing math and have put together this fun little infographic, to show you just how many toys Santa is dealing with this year. You thought you didn’t have the space to store your presents? Take a look at what Santa has to handle!

Santa Needs A Little Extra Storage, santa infographic


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