How to find a great Christmas party venue

Have you been to your work Christmas party yet? Or maybe a party with a social group you belong to?

How did you find the venue?

In my experience, when it comes to finding a great party venue at Christmas, it can be a long and frustrating process. A speedy survey of my Facebook friends shows this is a common experience.

Christmas party venue

Christmas party venues get booked up SO fast and you can spend hours fruitlessly searching for somewhere that still has openings. If it is designated as your job you can feel huge pressure to get this sorted as soon as possible and as ‘right’ as possible for everyone involved, but it can be a thankless task. Very often when you do find a venue it is too far away, has no parking, or has to split the group in terms of seating. Or perhaps the venue wants a big deposit when you are in the process of still trying to sort out numbers. There is just SO much to think about.

Getting people to commit to dates can be tricky, but when it is a lot of people and a deposit is required too it can get really difficult.

I would suggest never getting yourself into this role of party organiser unless you have a thick skin and a strong spine and some useful resources up your  sleeve!

When I used to work for the council we ended up going to the same Christmas venue every year, despite the fact everyone thought it was pretty rubbish. The reason for the annual booking was simply because of the huge effort that would be required to find somewhere new that ticked enough of the boxes. Despite it not being a great venue I really could not blame the organiser – they were saving themselves so much work!

It is very difficult to find a perfect venue, but it shouldn’t be. There should be lots of choice, rather than somewhere being selected for convenience or as a last resort.

So ideally what should you look for in a venue?

I would suggest you would want to check out:

Location – Lots of people will want to drink and get taxis home so not too far away!

Food – It needs to be good! So you might want to check out some reviews.

Party size –  You will need a party venue that can accommodate your party size – this is really important you don’t want to have to all be split up!

Date – Apparently the most popular dates are the Thursdays and Fridays in the first two weeks of December so if this is what you are after early booking is crucial. Apparently it is getting really trendy  to hold parties in  January now to kick start the New year so you could avoid the crowds and buck this trend!

Personally I think your secret weapon in party planning could be Venuefinder. There are  15,000+ venues listed at Venuefinder and  you can search by location, price, venue facilities, room sizes/capacity, bedrooms, venue style and much more. is completely free to use and they also provide a free venue finding service if you would like them to do the venue searching for you.

Now wouldn’t that save a lot of bother?

Happy Christmas partying wherever you end up I hope you have a fabulous time!


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