Erasable coloured pencils

When I was a child I longed to be able to rub out mu coloured pencils and never found a way to do it. This week Faber-Castell sent me some and I think I was more excited than the children! They each have their own little coloured rubber on the end of each pencil . Really great for kids who like to be neat (and especially for school work)

They immediately set to work on them and declared ‘They work! ‘  How fabulous.

Take a look at what my daughter’s a farm.


These erasable pencils can be bought from Amazon for around £10

We alos got sent this lovely fish rubber/sharperner to review. I love multi purpose items and this is super-cute…it’s mouth is an eraser!


The fish sharpener is just £3.05 and a perfect stocking filler

We also got sent some ergonomically friendly non marking bulb crayons perfect for little hands to grip. I have popped them on today’s play tray to see what the children will do with them. These cost £6.49



Such lovely items for great practical creativity!


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