Dad’s Choice Award Winners 2014

Dad's Choice Award

Are you wondering what one earth to get your kids for Christmas?

There are so many  toys, apps and games around it is hard to know what to get them isn’t it. However the Dads Choice Awards 2014 make really help make that decision easy.

The dads choice awards involve a dedicated team of dad testers and their children testing a huge range of entries to find the very best of toys.  It really is a celebration of Dads and their kids playing and spending time together A  list of this years winners has been unveiled today at

Let me show you some of my favourite winners

The arts and crafts winner was….edible sweet art  (art you can eat is my idea of fun crafting!)


The best vehicle toy was…… Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race (Mattel)


and the best stocking filler is Rubix the Void


There are lots of other winners across 17 categories that are well worth checking out so do take a look at The Dad’s Choice Awards Winners. Toys are so important to a child’s growth and development and often get shoved aside these days in  place of technology. I think it is so important to keep our kids playing.



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