eBay reveals the UK is creeping up on US Halloween in decorating and craft

UK vs USA – Halloween in decorating and craft

I have seen so much Halloween stuff this year I have been quite surprised.

British people expected to spend around £240 million* on Halloween-themed kit this week! Isn’t that astonishing. It was such a small thing when I was a child.

Online marketplace eBay has found the UK public now love Halloween almost as much as the USA.

Sales of Halloween decorations on eBay’s UK marketplace topped almost 16,000 items in the build-up 31 October**, just behind sales on eBay’s US site (17,600). That’s amazing! Items ranged from  getting your kids to make their own treat bags or lanterns to chandeliers to decorate the perfect glamorous ghoulish soiree.

Life-Size Skull Chandelier £711.98 from Halloween Brian at eBay.co.uk

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit £2.25 from bluelagoonproducts at eBay.co.uk

Halloween Make Your Own Lantern Kits £3.99 from yellowmoonltd at eBay.co.uk

Halloween Treat Bag Kits £4.99 from yellowmoonltd at eBay.co.uk


eBay spokesperson Steve Heywood said:

“Brits have really got into Halloween over the last few years, and this is the first time we’ve seen such a close gap between US and the UK sales. It’s amazing to see how people have really embraced the idea of making their own Halloween-themed goodies to add a really personal touch to the occasion


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