Emma Bunton Children’s Clothes at Argos

Emma Bunton Children’s clothes

I am really liking Emma Bunton’s range of clothes for kids at Argos. They make me feel all summery.

Take a look


and the dress is only £11.99. looks much more expensive don’t you think? A wore it to a party yesterday and had some lovely comments. The stawberry dress  was a big hit too.


Emma Bunton playsuit

I think the playsiuts below are sweet and wish they did them in my size!. The whole range is fun, girly and trendy just like Emma’s style. It looks designer but the prices aren’t and most items come in around £11-£14.99 which is better than I expected.. The girls range had some cute upturned skinny jeans and lots of pretty dresses and goes up to aged 1o.

Emma Bunton boys clothes

Unusually it is the boy’s range that most stood out for me. lots of music inspired tops and very cute hoodies, straight slightly shiny jeans and funky shorts. Very cool. My son loved his outfit. He said it was cosy and comfy and easy to run in to. Very Important!

Have a look at the funky shorts
It’s not a big range but the pieces go together well and I am tempted to add to our review pieces.

Emma Bunton baby range

The baby range is adoreable by the way..lots of apples. These trews are fab
Emma Bunton Children's Clothes

Great stuff Emma !


Where to buy the Emma Bunton Childrens clothes range?

All these clothes form the Emma Bunton range  can be found at the Argos Website













  1. April 8, 2012 / 9:10 pm

    Wow, these clothes look great. I’m loving the playsuits too, but think I’m past the age when wearing something like this was appropriate!

  2. Michelle
    April 17, 2012 / 7:05 pm

    Until I read your review I had no idea that Emma Bunton had a range. I agree the clothes do look really lovely. In particular the black and white spotty dress looks very expensive. I have one of each too and know what you’re getting at when you say the boys stuff is different. It’s really nice to see some black and white and something a bit ‘cool’ for them. If I had a baby I’d also snap up those Apple-print leggings as they look very ‘designer’. I’m off for more of a nosey now! Michelle

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