Wheee Festival Nottingham Lakeside Theatre 2-10 June

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited a long to the press launch of the Wheee festival at Nottignham Lakeside Theatre. Wheee is the international theater and dance festival for children that has been held at lakeside since 2005. This year it will be on form 2-10 June.

They have some amazing shows coming.

Here are my top picks
 Gobbledegook This company are bringing an intereactive performance called Planet of the beetlebuns for 18m to 4year olds. Its a basically a magical interactice carpet wheher lights motions and experiences are triggered by the children in real time. looks amazing and so much fun!

Bootworks theatre present The Incredicble Book eating boy  an enchanting 5 minute sghow perfeoned in a little booth where 5 performers entertain just one adult and onc child. It s all about Henry who realises the more books he eats the smarter he is! There are puppets, music, projection. How exciting.

I also fancy  watching Swamp Juice suitable for kids age 6 and over which has an 3d finale!

Fabulous and they are just my top picks! Tickets are avaiable form www.lakesidearts.org.uk

I have to see I  have beeen to lots of events at these festivals before and they are always interesting, unsusual and gripping really engaging for young children.


The amazing Luminarium installarion will also be there. A brand new structure this time by Architects of air entitled Exxopolis. Part of a window was actually made by me! along with Penny, Lousie and Amanda my fellow Nottignham bloggers – so complicated buyt very exciting. watch this space we may be doing more!

Here is a luminarium preview for you


Gorgeous! Do hope you can make the festival. Tickets sell out fast!



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