Don’t waste food!

Hello May!! It’s food month this May at baby budgeting and we have loads of fabulous tips , recipes, videos, giveaways, reviews  and ideas for you to support  healthy, ineresting ,budget aware eating for you and your little ones.

We are going to kick off by looking at how to avoid food waste: 

According to the website, in the UK on average we throw out about one-third of all the food we buy – approximately £420 worth of food per family per year. Just think what you could do with that! You don’t want to waste food, but do pay attention to basic food safety and hygiene. If you realise that a food is going to go out of date before you’re going to use it, pop it in the freezer for another time. Any food past its use-by date should be thrown away. Best-before dates are different: they refer to food being in its prime before these dates but still ediblethough past its best after these dates. Understand food labelling better by checking out

Rather than waste food ending it’s life you could….

  • Give it to a neighbour
  • Make your mum an extra serving of whatever you make out of it
  • Plan your meals for the week so it gets used in time
  • Check out my product review of Count on it labels which help you track when you stored your home made food. They are another  great aid to reducing waste.
  • Just eat it up….get out your cook books and get cooking even idf it’s a batch bake for the freezer do try not to waste food.
  • At the very least, compost it if you can!

You can avoid most waste in the first place by

  • Meal planning
  • Not getting too swayed by fresh produce multi buys
  • Rotating foods in your fridge and checking it regularly
  • Rotating and checking stored canned and dried food, these have life limits too and can be easily overlooked.

Do try and save yourself some money by keeping on top of food waste. 


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