Count on it labels – product review

Count on it labels

If you look at my post on not wasting food you will see how shocking our average food waste bill is here in the UK.

Sometimes a canny little product comes along that just really impresses you and helps solve a BIG problem. I adore these little labels and have loved using them.

Count On It are easy to use, food freshness labels that tells help you track when you placed the food for storage by allowing you to put on the date. You don’t need a pen you just scratch off the date. Why I love this from a baby budgeting perspective is you reduce unnecessary food waste AND your bills whilst ensuring the quality of the food you give your little one. Brilliant and simple …!

Count On It labels are on sale in Lakeland, Betterware and various baby shops, grocers, delis and farms hops around the country plus our own website – they are also asking mums where they’d like to see them on sale (so they can send our sales agents direct to preferred retailers).

Count On It labels retail for £1.99 and are sold in boxes of 25. They can also be bought online.


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