Cutting Costs on Newborn Essentials

We have all heard before that babies, and raising kids in general, is expensive. Anyone on the school summer break with their kids right now will know just how much things can add up. Even just having them at home all day can cost an arm and a leg in groceries. So if you can look for ways to the cut the costs of raising children, right from when they are little, then you are going to be onto a good thing.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality when buying cheaper or second hand, though. As long as you know what to look out for, and the things to avoid, then you can still get some good quality pieces for a new baby, even if they have been used before. Here are some ideas that you could look into, for when a new baby comes along. Start with the savings as soon as you can, and hopefully, it will be the way that you mean to go on.


Cutting Costs on Newborn Essentials


Cloth Nappies

For some people, this could seem like such a nightmare. But cloth nappies are growing and growing in popularity in recent years. Sure, there is the environmental impact that cloth nappies have; you won’t be sending disposable nappies that don’t break down, to landfill. That is definitely a factor in their popularity. But for many, the cost of buying disposables is going to be too much. A lot of children are still wearing nappies up until the age of three (and perhaps longer until they are dry at night). So that can be a lot of money each week and each month. Cloth nappies are an upfront cost, but then that is it. You are likely to be doing more laundry, but you’re likely to be doing that with a new baby anyway. It can be a great way to save.


Travel System

For the first six months of your baby’s life, there are specific pushchairs and travel systems, that offer a carrycot for the newborn stage, and then a chair for around four months and over. Not to mention car set and car seat adaptors. But do you need all of that? Travel systems can cost a lot of money, over £1000 in a lot of cases. So could you get away with using something like a baby sling and a just a car seat instead? The answer, yes! If you already have children, then you may not feel able to run around after your toddler while a baby is in the sling. But for a first born, it could be really doable. It is popular with parents that use the attachment parenting method, and it can help your baby feel close to you during the so-called ‘fourth trimester’. Late r on down the line you may even need a double buggy


Buy Second Hand

Buying some of the normally pricey baby bits second hand can be such a good way to save. And if you know what you’re looking out for, you can make sure that you are getting some good pieces. Moses baskets and cots are good to be bought second hand, as long as you’ve been able to check the condition of them. You should also think about baby clothing, blankets, and other baby necessities (perhaps even a travel system if you can find one at a bargain price). One item that you may not want to get second hand, as it is a matter of safety, is a car seat. You won’t know if it has been in an accident before or not, so something like that is worth spending on.

Some other items that are probably not best to buy second hand are things like soothers, bottles, and anything that has been used for teething or bathing.



Cut the Unnecessary Items

There are plenty of items around that you simply don’t need for a baby. Take something like a baby bath, for example. If you have a bath in your home, then you can just use that to bath your baby. You may need to get a support to help you, but there is no need for a stand alone baby bath, unless all you have is a shower in your home. So cut out some of the overly large and unnecessary items. Jumperoos are popular, but they are so bulky and pretty pricey; they are not a necessity. You can get battery operated swings for babies, chairs for babies, and all sorts! These are not necessary items, and can cost a lot and take up a lot of space. So don’t rush to buy everything all at once. Think realistically about what you have space for and what you really need for your baby.


Recycle and Reuse

There are plenty of items that you can buy once and then reuse for your baby. Take weaning equipment, for instance. If you make sure that you’re buying some good quality baby spoons, forks, and sippy cups, that are all BPA-free, then you can wash and reuse them multiple times. You can even buy your own squeezy food pouches, so that you don’t have to get the store bought ones; saving money all the time.

You should also think about any more children that you may have. If you keep things pretty gender neutral, then you can reuse items with each child. Things like blankets, coats, snow boots, and rain boots can all be reused with other children, as long as they are taken care of well. So choose some neutral patterns and colours in the first place, with reusing in mind.


Give Breastfeeding a Try

There are many reasons why people choose to bottle feed their baby. But if you are looking to cut costs, then giving breastfeeding a go is worth a try, as it is a way to feed your baby that doesn’t cost a thing. If it doesn’t work out, then you can find deals on feeding equipment like bottles. But if it does, then you will have saved yourself a heck of a lot of money on formula.



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