Are Baby Humidifiers Worth Buying

Are Baby Humidifiers Worth Buying

Are Baby Humidifiers Worth Buying

Guest post – Are Baby Humidifiers Worth Buying

There is really nothing scarier than having a sick baby, if this is your first baby it is downright terrifying listening to a tiny baby struggling to breathe with what to an adult is just a common cold, however, if you’ve been around children then chances are you have already invested in a humidifier for just such an occasion. The old-fashioned remedy of putting your head over a bowl of hot water actually works to help ease dry coughs and congestion, but it isn’t something that you can have small children do safely, let alone a tiny infant.

This is why humidifiers designed for use in baby’s room are excellent. You want a warm, dry house that is free of damp, but having a home that is too dry can aggravate a range of breathing issues, so choosing to use one of the best baby humidifiers available on the market can help create the right environment for a healthy and happy home.

Are Baby Humidifiers Just Marketing?

Any experienced parent knows that the lists of “things you must have” which go around to every pregnant woman and first-time parent, are full of useless junk that you will regret buying. New parents are marketers dream, they only want the best start for the children, and if the advertising is done right marketers have a chance of convincing parents that their product is a must have. However, the endless lists generally are pretty over the top, and hopeless. Sure there are a lot of ‘could be neat’ items, but really, that baby wipe warmer isn’t going to be much use to you when you’re out and about, and your child isn’t going to be any smarter no matter how many educational DVDs you buy.

However, humidifiers aren’t just marketing, they are actually used in hospital settings to help treat a range of different conditions. But humidifiers specifically advertised for baby use? Well, yes, there is a little bit of marketing here, but it is more than these products have been designed with parents and babies in mind so tend to have more features than products aimed at adults.

Why Get A Baby Humidifier Not A Generic One?

One of the biggest reasons is going to be safety. Although most humidifiers should cut off when they run out of water, and you will find that the options for safety features increase with anything designed for infants. You will also find that you can get more than just the basic steam effect, with some having built in nightlights, dual misting functions and the ability to add essential oils as well. Although humidifiers are generally considered to be safe, caution should still be exercised when buying a unit, and with the type of water that is used in them

A Note On Essential Oils

If you are planning to use your device as an essential oil diffuser you will firstly need to make sure that this is it’s purpose, just adding oils to one that is not specifically designed for this can cause a lot of damage to the unit. You will also need to be extra careful where you place the unit, and the essential oils, as they are highly toxic if small children get hold of them. You should also make sure that you speak to someone with a qualification in aromatherapy or natural therapies about which oils will be suitable for your needs and follow their instructions.

For example, although eucalyptus may be helpful to clear the blocked nose of an adult, only Eucalyptus radiata should be considered with children, as Eucalyptus globulus can be harmful, and even then you should talk to someone qualified to ensure that you are using the correct amount for the appropriate amount of time.

You will also want to ensure that you are using an essential oil from a reputable brand, not a fragrant oil or an oil blend. Fragrant oils tend to be synthetic and are designed to make the room smell pretty, but have no therapeutic benefits, while blends are often heavily diluted essential oils that are blended with a carrier oil (which may damage your unit, as well as be less effective). You will often find that carrier oils are legitimately used with more difficult to obtain essential oils such as Rose, Jasmin or Lotus, none of which will really be appropriate to use with your sick infant.


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