AdminBox – a simple way to manage your bills

Are you looking for a simple way to manage your bills

In order for it to work and be effective money management needs to be simple.

Managing your bills, your household admin and your money generally can seem really time-consuming and feel complex and frustrating can’t it?

I am forever seeking out renewal dates, bits of paper, policy documents that I have stashed goodness knows where.  Busy family life makes organisation and a good filing system something that escapes me on a regular basis. There is almost always something more pressing to do then neatly file away all my household documents/update my calender with renewal dates and so on then repeat each year. Yet I know this would help, really help  keep me in order and in control of my bills and policy renewals.

When it comes to finances it is important to be in control so you can budget, find the best policies, not miss deadlines or payments and so on.

a simple way to manage your bills


A simple way to manage your bills

So how do those of us with busy family lives make the time for this?

Well we need a little help. This isn’t an uncommon problem by the way!

A recent study has revealed that more than 60% of people struggle ir life organised . According to the survey, the biggest drain on time is dealing with life and general admin such as household admin and bills.

Absolutely! Because of this struggle as many as 39% admitted to missing important renewal dates which can be so wasteful of money!


A simple solution to an age old problem

AdminBox, is a self-service site (and App) that enables you to enter details about all of your household bills and admin, including renewal dates. It will send you a reminder on all of them so you never miss that important renewal date. It also lets you make notes on your suppliers, so you have a record of that customer services phone call, and you can upload files such as policy documents and no-claims bonuses.

Key features and perks include:

  • AdminBox has over 20 categories, including MOT, Car Tax, Rent, Mortgage, Loans, Credit Cards, Passports, Breakdown Cover, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Council Tax, Gas, Electricity, Television, Broadband, Mobile Phone, Water, TV Licence as well as GP and Hospitals.
  • There is a Calendar, and Address Book for family and friends, a
  • You can share the account with a loved one.
  • Users are offered a free trial month, after which it costs just £2.99 per month.

Isn’t it just a brilliantly simple solution.

everything in one place and to hand with reminders sent to you prior to renewals.

Now this would make money management much simpler!

Have you tried AdminBox?


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