Cool Boys Clothes for Winter

Cool Boys Clothes


All clothes shown are from Mayoral

Cool boys clothes are not always the easiest things to find are they?

They can look very a bit and dull and very same-y. I do like to look a little wider than the high street and try and find something a bit different.

There are 3 key things I look for in children’s clothes…individuality, value and practicality. It is also really important that my kids like them otherwise despite me adoring them they just will not wear them.




The anchor print on these boys polo shirts is fabulous. I love anchors, such a classic print.They also have a contrast collar which looks super smart. The shirt also comes in a lovely vibrant green. So smart and fun too. I think these would be great at Christmas as a happy alternative to a more formal shirt (that kids often hate to wear!)


In terms of value I really think it is important you get good quality for the amount you spend and that you are going to get great wear out of your purchase. I am loving the ideas of these reversible boys coats. You can have either cosy or cool depending on your child’s mood or indeed the weather. 2 looks for the price of one is always a winner in my book. These could also look both smart or casual depending on the occasion.

reversible-coats, Cool Boys Clothes



My son practically lives in sports clothes, they are so practical. Tracksuits co-ordinate instantly, gave such ease of movement as go form causal clothes to sports clothes depending on the need.

I love this white and grey tracksuit it looks so comfy, and really stylish. White might be an unusual choice for boys clothing but tracksuits by their very nature always was well as they are expected to get lots of wear so if you ware going to go for white a tracksuit is the best place to have it!



So yes, my pre-requisites for cool boys clothes are individuality, value and practicality. I’d love to know what do you look for?

Love to read your comments….








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