Bidvine competing quotes for local services in your area


It is really annoying isn’t it having to ring round lots of places trying to get competing quotes on professional services.Despite this getting competitive quotes is a really smart move however time consuming it may be as it really can save you a  lot of money.

This is where Bidvine comes in.

Bidvine is the best place to receive competing quotes for local services in your area and such an easy and time saving service to use.


I love easy to use apps and websites and this could not be simpler. You simply detail what you want and say where you live and Bidvine find you a bunch of professionals to quote you their services.



So basically all I did was enter my details (in my case a photography session) and then I left it all up to them.


And so all I had to do was relax and wait and in came the emails.

I got 4 in total offering y various prices fro the at home photography services I requested. There were differing prices and offers of availability and services and this enabled me to make some quick calls.

Using Bidvine to do the work for me saved hours when I could have been  ringing people who never called me back, who were  out my price bracket or  unavailable .

How fabulous that instead of me having to chase quote instead details and availability are being sent to me !

I have been telling everyone about this brilliant service from Bidvine. It’s totally free too.






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