A song to make a baby happy

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A song to make a baby happy – #SoundofHappy

C&G baby club is an online resource with advice for Mums from pregnancy to toddlerhood. They have been busy researching happy sounds for babies.


They have discovered babies laugh at a lot of different noises; these noises include the sound of laughter, the sound of daddy’s voice, the ice cream van, blowing raspberries and the sound of peekaboo. It makes me smile just writing those sounds let alone hearing them!

My daughter loved the popping sounds that you make with your finger in the side of your mouth when she was a baby. And my son loved the ting of a triangle and the rattle of a tambourine and toot of a horn, nothing is so lovely as seeing a baby laugh is it?

Working alongside psychologists, a team of mums and babies and a high-profile singer/songwriter, C&G baby club has created the world’s first song made from sounds and melodies that make babies happy. The song they have created is called The Happy Song and it is the first scientifically tested song created to make babies happy.

The top ten most popular sounds for making babies happy, contributed by almost 2,300 UK parents, are below and these have all impacted the final song:

Boo 66%
Raspberry (aeroplane flying sound) 57%
Sneezing 51%
Kissing noises 43%
Other babies laughing 28%
Squeaking toy (car horn) 23%
Duck quack 23%
Popping cheek 20%
Farts 16%
Coughing 16%

What an absolutely wonderful idea, I completely love it and apparently the babies surveyed heartily approved too,

Take a look at how and why they created it……

As adults sounds can move us hugely to feeling happier and more cheerful (the ice cream van still does it for me and a fun pop song or my great uncles voice on the phone.) I love that C&G baby club are focussing on the sounds that make babies happy, it is one of a babies strongest senses too and isn’t often thought about.

What sounds make you and yours feel good?

Listen to the song here: www.soundofhappy.com


Advertorial brought to you by C&G baby club


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  1. November 3, 2016 / 1:15 pm

    Aww that is lovely. Babies really do make the nicest sounds. Nothing better than a baby laughing x

  2. simrangoyal
    November 8, 2016 / 7:15 am

    “Nice blog as related to baby child”

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