Cheap things to do with your family

Cheap things to do with your family

Having fun with your family does not have to come with a thousand pound price tag. If you are trying to make ends meet, you do not need to go overboard getting your loved ones on a cruise ship and hauling them to the other side of the world.


Cheap things to do with your family

Cheap things to do with your family

Here are a few things that will cost you little or nothing:

Head to the park

Nothing is more relaxing than a day out in the park with the family. The good news is that there are a lot of family-friendly parks in the UK, and they come either freely or on the cheap. When you head out, do not forget to carry a little cash for water and snacks. To make things more interesting, throw a football at the back of the car and enjoy a kick about with your young ones.

Play cards in the garden

Buy a pack of playing cards and sit outside with the family. If the kids are new to it, show them how it is done. This way, you get your kids to enjoy it all while at the same time adopting a great attitude toward numbers. Try several simple card strategies and let them win occasionally too!

Watch a film

Buy a film the whole family will enjoy, pick a few everyone likes then flip a coin to decide which one you will watch so there will be no arguments. If you can’t think of any films then there are loads of ways you can find good films, whether it be googling to find films released in 2017 or using a site which reviews films. One good site you can use is

Get some outdoors lunch together

Have someone make a nice meal and when it’s ready, pack the whole family in the car. Ride out to a spacious location and lay everything on the grass. Let the family gobble it all down as they watch the sun sink in the background.


Do some bird-watching

If you live near a wooded area, then grab a set of binoculars and hit the trail. Observe different types of birds from a distance and have fun with the kids, letting each guess what type of birds are on your scope before you reveal the answers. This one is a great nature exercise.


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