The Honda FRV is a great Family Car

I am in the market  for a new family car. Mine is 10 years old and looks much older!

My little shiny red Punto that I so adored is coming to the end of it’s days. It is costing me more and more to maintain it. My kids are growing too and they like to camp and they like to have friends round and they do some many activities I do need more room too

I have been having a look at the  Honda FRV it has 3 seats in the front and 3 in the back. It’s just perfect for my car booting too as it has loads of room when it’s laid flat.



It is broader than most cars but we don’t have a garage to squeeze it into so that doesn’t bother me. Space but without the car bring too big is something I really crave.  There  are cubbyholes and cup-holders everywhere inside the FR-V, with large storage in the centre front seat, which doubles as a driver and passenger armrest when folded.

Ho lovely too to be able to get both kids in the front with me and all our bikes in the back.

A review of the FRV over at Auto Express states

‘as a family car the Honda is really tough to beat.’

I think it looks great.




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  1. March 20, 2013 / 1:13 pm

    I have a Honda FRV and I love it, I used to have a VW Touran 7 sweater but I have much more space in the 6 seater FRV. I can fit the whole family in and still carry two pushchairs in the boot, a Stokke Xplory and a Britax B-Agile. I couldn’t do this in the Touran if I had the whole family. We looked recently to update my car but I couldn’t find anything I liked as much as the FRV so I have decided to keep it for another year. The only downside for me is that they have stopped making them 🙁
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