The day I met my burglar

Today – The day I met my burglar

The day I met my burglar


The day I met my burglar

Do you worry about being burgled?

I was burgled once and it hugely affected me .

I had gone out to a fancy dress party leaving the house in rather a mess and when I came home there was a little not e saying You have been burgled please call the police on ….. shoved through my door.

I thought it was a joke. How odd. Turns out it was true. 2 lads had climbed on my back flat roof and got in through a small window I had left open. Luckily for me some neighbours spotted them and had the foresight to call the police who nabbed them in my house. Hurray!. According to the police nothing had been taken but form that day to this I have never seen my late aunts gold watch again.

The justice system and meeting my burglar

I ended up meeting with my burglars and his mum and my mum  as part of a scheme the youth offending team were trialling. Apparently it was based on Moari system of justice where families and elder come together to try to heal things. The idea was lovely.

His mum cried, my mum told him how it had affected me and made me anxious and tearful. I told him how I was a real person who worked with disadvantaged kids not some nameless posh person and that the reason I lived where i did was to be near my ill dad not because I had money.

He seemed quite insolent and said a swift and easy and superficial sounding sorry and blamed his cousin.  I got to choose his community service. But his mums tears did affect him I’m sure. he looked really sad.. I ended up giving him a big talk about ‘his future and respecting his mum and sister than as I left I went to shake his hand. His probation officer blocked my path so fast I think they thought I was going to hit him (had happen before apparently)


Feelings after meeting my burglar

Since that time I had been quite anxious about burglaries. Despite being insured some things are priceless aren’t they. I like the idea of home safes like these ones from eSafes.

I  have also learnd to shut my windows when I go out!

It would be lovely to know that very precious and priceless items were completely safe.

If you are ever burgled and struggling to cope victim support is a great resource to help you.

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The day I met my burglar is a collaborative post – have you ever been burgled? Would you meet your burglar?




  1. Crystal Jigsaw
    March 20, 2013 / 10:54 am

    I think you were much more patient than I would ever have been. To think someone had been rifling through my house would affect me deeply and I could never bring myself to shake hands, let alone meet the person.

    CJ x
    Crystal Jigsaw recently posted..The Faceless BloggerMy Profile

  2. November 24, 2013 / 8:18 am

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