Cadbury Dairy Milk Pebbles New Chocolate Alert!!!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Pebbles

It’s a nice start to the day when you get asked to review some chocolate. Cadbury sent me two backs of their new Pebbles. We love a bit of choclate in our house and reviewing new choclate was never going to be a hardship now was it!

Blogging sometimes makes me one very popular mummy – it certainly makes me a happy one too.

So what on earth do Cadbury Dairy Milk pebbles taste like….

Ooh they are really nice..why’s the bag nearly empty?  – Daddy

I think they taste like squished mini eggs but glossier on top -Frankie

Can I have some more mummy – Annalise

I don’t want to share them…Me

They come in the increasing ly popular sharing bags and have a sugar shell (in pebble colours) and chocolate inside. They are as you would expect bloomin’ lovely, VERY more -ish and highly recommended by the Goddard-Hill family x

Cost £2.03

Click here to  see the whole Cadbury range , Competition to win tickets to Cadbury’s world coming very soon to baby budgeting! Keep checking in.

Have you tried these yummy choclates yet. If not i would kep your eye out for them – they are an absolute treat.





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