Budget nappies

Research released this week has revealed that the cost of raising a newborn to the age of 21 will now set you back a really, really huge amount.

How much?

Well potentially £231,843!

Oh my that’s a really nice house, right there.

We have never needed to baby budget more have we! Parents will need to start saving those pennies as early as possible. Preferably pre baby!

Nappies are such a big expense keeping your eyes peeled for bargains can really make a difference

Disposable nappies

The  Ocado Baby Shop, and are currently offering fantastic deals across a range of baby products including baby food, wipes and nappies.   These offers include a half price deal on all Pampers nappies. They are also offering half price Huggies Pull-Ups – now only £2.60 for a pack of 14. Pretty impressive savings that could make a big difference to your monthly shop

When it comes to nappies I think it is important to try a few brands and seek out their offers…there is no need to sticky to one brand only and it can make a huge difference to your budget if you look for offers like these

Eco nappies

budget nappies

If you are into your eco nappies then  Ocado is offering half price on gNappies: gorgeous, soft cotton nappies. These colourful pants, such as the gPant Great Orange Medium (only £7.47), have 100% biodegradable disposable inserts which tuck inside, meaning you can do your bit for the planet as part of your baby’s daily routine. gPants are waterproof and highly breathable, so babies are less likely to get nappy rash which is of course great news.

There are brilliant budget nappies for all  in the Ocado half price sale do check out their baby shop




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