Brand New Foods reviewed

We have been hard at work (eating and drinking) some new products we have been sent to try. Here is what we thought!

Chokablok Icecream

This  is a luxury premium icecream that has just hit the shelves. I was sent 3 tubs to try (oh the hardship!) It’s made form great ingredient including real chocolate, whole milk, double cream and free-range eggs. It’s available in five delicious flavours. I tried…

The Chocolate Extremist

It is exactly that. Seriously good and seriously chocolatey. Bit rich for my kids but for me and mine…heaven. As good as you would get in a n Italian restauamt and I would be very happy to serve this as a dinner party dessert . It contains chocolate ice cream, real chocolate-covered malty balls, gooey brownie pieces and a rich chocolate saucechokablok

Cherry Bomb Brownie

The Cherry Bomb Brownie is a mix of creamy cherry ice cream, chewy cherries, gooey chocolate brownies, real chocolate flakes and sweet cherry sauce. I don’t  like cherries but my hubby and his mates were in raptures over this!

Golden Digger Dynamite

This contains caramel and vanilla ice cream with chunks of sweet honeycomb, real chocolate caramel cups and silky sweet caramel sauce. My absolute favourite. I ate the lot. In one go. Myself. Oops


This is truly lovely luxury icecream, Available from Tesco for  £3,99

Heinz Puree Soups

Next up we have been trying from Heinz ……Soup Puree??????

Bear with me I know this sounds really crazy and when I was sent some I did think – what ‘s that ? I’ve never been a cup a soup kind of girl, powders or cubes sort of exploding to become liquids make me feel a bit nervous somehow.

Heinz Squeeze & Stir,  is made from a concentrated purée available in lightweight, squeezable sachets, they woill cost 59p amnd are due out this month You have to squeeze the soup into a cup, add boiling water and stir.

The Heinz Squeeze & Stir range incudes Cream of Tomato; Mediterranean Vegetable; and Cream of Tomato with Basil and Minestrone lines. I tried tomato and it was really nice and Heinz quality if you know what I mean. Handy to keep in your bag if you get peckish at work or just want a quick snack at home. Saves on the washing up too!


Last but not least this week we have been trying some Silverspring water.  To me it was just water and it just tasted like water ladidadida. But to my 4 year old daughter the fact it had Angleina on the front meant she drank it with no fuss at all.

Go figure –  the power of TV hey!

If it work it works ! Any other attempts I have made in recent months to get her to drink plain water have not! These are cute 300ml sized bottle of Spring water that have either Bob the Builder,  Fireman Sam or Angelina Ballerina on the front. I reckon if you have lost the getting your kids to take water in their pack up battle,  you may be onto a winner if you try these

Available form Boots and Asda 49p

(I felt quite cynical about this until I foiund out only 6% British children drink their daily water reqiuiremnt!)






  1. July 31, 2011 / 4:05 pm

    This really looks like hard word – especially the ice-cream 😉

  2. Becky
    July 31, 2011 / 5:41 pm

    What can I say someone has to do it!

  3. Becky
    July 31, 2011 / 8:51 pm

    I can just about handle it!

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