Do you get it delivered?

Do you get it delivered?

When I was a child Clive, our milkman, came everyday. He bought milk of course and each week orangeade, dandelion and burdock, limeade and cherryade in glass bottles. My eldest is 7 and has never
had a fizzy drink – I was weaned on the stuff! How times change. We also no longer have our milk delivered which I am starting to rethink

I go to our local mini supermarket or corner shop at least every second day to buy milk and bread and whilst in there
I often pick up chocolate, maybe a comic, a tin of this, some croissants etc, all stuff that I don’t really need. But I do need the milk. Would it save me the extra shopping if I just had it delivered?  4 pints of milk costs £1.99 delivered and I pay £1.89 form my local shop – so 10p more to have it delivered is a bargain!

milk&more are the online website for Dairy Crest, allowing users to order milk and groceries from their local milkman with FREE delivery, You can order online up to 9pm the night before which is great if you have run out. You can even order your pet food online with them!

You will have a named milkman (who will stay the same) and your orders can range
from one offs to regular deliveries, with no minimum order if regular and just
£2.50 if a one off. Groceries include bread, tinned food outdoor, kitchen andbathroom essentials as well as veg boxes. Orders are made and paid for online. It really could not be simpler and it takes away the need to worry about running out at the end of a day.

For a new mum struggling to get out, older people struggling to get out andfrazzled families running out of the basics this is a good option! I think there is something lovely and traditional and a bit decadent about it too!

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